Is G_Man one of the best SB players?

I’m the best one there. Not bragging…ok. I’m not the best, but I’m pretty damn good.

Nuh uh you can’t even beat me

100k users probably happening soon

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Maybe, but I’ve beat like 4/3’s of top 100#. There are like only 4 people in top 10# that I can’t solo.

Bro is so skilled he beat 125% of the lb :fire:

Angel (impossible)
Oy (also impossible)
W(basically never on)
Loler (I haven’t even seen them ever but I heard very good at pvp
Shad (impossible)
Coolguy (idrk)
Battleship(doesn’t fight so maybe)
Frumps (haven’t seen in v2 but ik he hard to beat)
Manage (haven’t seen on v2)
Me (beat you multiple times)

-Penguin (can’t beat YET)
-Haven’t fought Manage or Loler.
-I’ve fought shadow, and got very close in our 1v1 to reds.
-I’ve beat Oy, but most of the time he just attacks when I’m already on red or needs to team on me.
-WASD, I haven’t becuz we usually firends.
-Coolguy I can’t beat yet, but Battleship I beat in the very few times we fought for fun.
-Frumps I’ve just met, but wanna 1v1 him one day.
-And I’ve beat Angel and Sword both twice (well only sword, I’ve only solo’d Angel fairly once out of the 4 times we’ve fought…but they’ve destroyed me more, so when I fight them its a 30% victory depending on what the stats are.)
Out of 10 guys you’ve mentioned I can claim a W over 4 (5 if you include sword) of the 10 guys you’ve listed. BUT that means there are only 4 people that can, for a fact, solo me. Thats not a bad cake no matter how you slice it, considering ya’ll all had way more time to sharpen ya’lls skills.

The only reason I’m good is cuz VictorBattler trained me a bit and taught me the ropes of the game, cuz I just used to only team. And I’m only gonna get better. Heck imma go on SB rn.

That means you’re not even worth fighting fairly for lol. Because I’ve never beat Oy

Eh it was probably just bad luck on angel or something because you mainly are a runner

So more like a 1 or 2 out of 10. Also who the hell is sword?? Is he in top 10?

Oy isn’t that good. Hes alot like other players. “not even worth fighting fairly” just shows your glazing, making this arguement a bit biased, ngl.

A runner? Im on SB rn, you know. If anything I have to deal with runners all the time.

@Shadowblade @Slapadabass split please ( topic name: is g man one of the best players?

No, but hes a player thats real close to Angel and is pretty much taught by her like Vic taught me.

How do i split, i forgot

I got it

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G man sucks

Damn. The hate is crazy.

G, I’m fine with going 1v1 with anyone who wants to go. I don’t know why Penguin keeps bothering me, ngl. She should just hop off. I just said I’m pretty good. Yea, I ain’t the best (far from it), but I’m confident in my abilities and skills I’ve been working on. Anyone who wants to keep saying “G-MAN is garbage” or “You ain’t even good”, ya’ll just hatin. and idc, honestly.

But hey, at least I got a topic about me that ain’t written by me so, I take that as a W. I mean SOOO much to everyone that ya’ll felt the need to make it a whole thing so, I’m smilin for the camera, G’s.

Peng likes trash talking lol

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I know, believe me. I’m used to toxic people like her tho, so idc.