Is bad?

Alot of people disagreed with my opinion on Fortunately, I have devised a solution. The popular vote of this poll will show us the truth.

Is bad?

  • Yes
  • No
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Choose wisely.

(i think the toxicity cuase the game bad)

you probably hate the game because i clap yo buns

aren’t u crabcakes puma?


You are so immature.

Only thing bad about it (for me) are the players

what cuz people kick you butts

that is correct!

crabcakes IS puma but not really
its possible he may have DID (dissociative my balls disorder)
(that personality is just really dumb)
so at times he’s Crab Cakes, and at times he’s King Puma.
or crab is normal and puma is not.

  • The King Crab DID Theory

um ok

Just saying, my vote is biased because I’ve been playing since

hey friendo :smiley: you should kys (keep yourself safe) :)) @anon70994879

that’s not what kys mean… :skull: :coffin:


it means two things.

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nah man wth ALSO BUMP!

Depends on what you’re talking about

Gameplay, not bad but could be better
Players and community, meh kinda bad
Sounds and extra stuff, meh inbetween
Graphics, not bad at all graphics are really good for an io game

Besides that there isn’t really an objective answer besides for community agreement

Is your opinion the same?