Is this enough conditions for a skin?

sea skin


trident 250x241
skin 300x300
pls name it sea skin and cost about 250000 coins


Lookin good

Note that the price may change.

By submitting a skin you are giving me rights to modify/change the skin however I wish. I am also allowed to use the skin for any promotional content and monetize it.

Reply with I agree if you agree. Then I will start the process of getting it into the game…


um maybe I will fix into trident first, then I agree

angel skin was 500k but ur asking for 2500k

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no my skin

exactly y is ur dedicated skin more expensive than angel dedicated skin

yeah maybe

um, may I change the price into 250k?

hey, I agree

I change it into 250k

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@gautam I got a question
why are the skins now turning into back-rounds ???

What do you mean by that?

Like smth about the art-style its just kinda boring

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I guess it depends on who makes it. As far as I know, which is very little, @mollthecoder isn’t a professional artist.

here are the example’s of skins that are missing something vortex,Hacker and mitblade all have great swords but just something is missing

u mean mine was boring?

hey look at my trident again

The trident is sick BUT the actual skin need to be worked on a bit

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um just because i want my skin and avatar to looks simple

ok its up too you am just tryna give you advice thats all