Is this what clans will be like when it gets added?

As many of you well know the forum has split into many clans, some opposing each other (CoderGautam and Mitblade), and some being friendly (Kirbo Clan). It feels like if there was clans on Everyone trying to do there own thing and creating little groups.
I was just wondering if anyone else kinda feels like this is what clans will be like when it gets added.


I already own the forum and its people my army is just the official way to join the higher ranks your choice thought

Maybe I should make group for my future clan?


I am growing

when clans are added i bet it will be worse


you have a clan???

no acol has his clan already octpi!


Sooner or later, i might make my own clan

just not right now

once I get top 100 I will make my own clan on the forum

I made one and im a zero

People think too highly of their rank on it’s not that special, yet people reference it a bunch like you need to be top 100 to be anyone special to the community.


I agree except for top 10

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Bruh people just think that

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yes the clans will ruin the game

they will

Me and coder just try to make it seem over dramatic for memes, inside dms were quite good friends, I doubt clans will as dramatic but im sure there will be some battles like ours.


most likely

I agree, I mean, look at me!

clans will evolve into main clans that are successful and 1000s of side clans that fail

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