It has been an honor 🫡

i will leave for a while bcz the online school is over and my school computer has to go back i will come online from time to time if i can but untill i get a new computor goodbye :(


Bye It was good knowing you my firend

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Take care man, we all look forward to seeing you again :slight_smile:

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See ya.

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Bye, I didn’t know you but you seemed cool

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see you :wave:

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thanks for making my pfp

Yo same i lose mine on the 16th. But im building one soon so hopefully that works out

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u rbuilding a computer?

ur welcome

Will you come back once the school starts back again?

no i will be going back to inperson school

Yeah i finally have confirmation of my parts being delivered.

awesome i might do that thx for the idea

I wont lie at first you seemed a bit odd but as I got to know you I realised you’re a great person so it’s a shame I have to see you go