He might stab you…Watch out

@gautam,plz add it to the game.IT’S SO COOL!! :star_struck:



not going to be added


WHATEVER I DO IS BAD FOR YOU!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:YOU SHOULD BE BANNED!!

sorry to say but i do thing that they might say this is copyrighted they are very strict that it must be not be from anything else

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poke u should be banned

Skin is copyrighted because it’s literally the among us texture. Just change the skin to like something else as in a killer face or smth and it will work

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that why i said copyright and she said i hate everything she does smh im ngl i think shes like 10 dont u have to be 11+ to be on forum

fr W take ong

Yea or just some drama teen but understand that smth from a other game is copyright pepole

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ye prob

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My sister joined and she’s 8.

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