its time for a variety the spice or vice of life??? (imma regret this later SEVERELY lol)

yeah, so when just chilling on forum i’ve gotten a bit bored with the old ways.

and while playing this morning, something came to my mind.

yes, as the title says, i’ve decided its time for a change…i mean, variety is the spice of life, right? or is it, variety is the vice of life?

meh. i forgot…

aanyways, most liked comment gets to change my username to whatever specified for a week…

god imma regret this am i…

(all the nice folks out here please save me by upvoting decent ones aaaa idrk why i even decided to do this)

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No gen alpha slang plz something simple like uhhhhhhhhhhh…

Incxg like in sb




argh nooooo :sob: NOBODY UPVOTE

Dislike = downvote?

YES SAVE M- i mean uh. yeah. that would be good so it would really be balanced.


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Good one tbh

kind of sounds like indignation

ooh thats an interesting one. for some reason idk whether to love or hate it… :thinking: prolly cuz if i were me i wouldnt name myself that but this isnt bad in the history of skibidy rizzler ohio fanum tax

yeah that ones rly good damn

gay (this is what i want his name to be)

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mhm this is giving gautam-fan-promotion esque lmaoo

…no. just…


i might even like- make this my regular username in sb but with {un}

thats how good it is :fire:

aand its done :saluting_face:

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