Jaedyn is a betrayer

I teamed with Jaedyn and my friends, then Jaedyn was acting reallly annoying so we kiled him.
then i agreed to let him team with us, but he kept attacking, he is betray, and VERRRYY ANOYYYINNGG


He never did me wrong, teamed with him before

  • Betrayer
  • Not a betrayer
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bruh you are the betrayer wth u killed him for “being annoying” wtf


silverwolf u actually team with ppl i always just see u server hop to kill me and will not stop killing me

:grin: look at the poll

Sent you a tractor

u just shut up if you have nothing nice or appropiate say wtf

Frumpy has a point. You’re the one who betrayed him. Jaedyn’s anger is completely justified.


but he was annoying, ask caca

yeah when i was playing earlier he tried convincing everybody that i kept killing him when i only kill bots i cant pvp at all he is kinda annoying also kept tryn to steal my coins so imma side with tiger for this one

Still, as Frumpy said, that’s no valid reason to kill someone.


depends on how he was being annoying

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Yea Not Much People Though Lol

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That aint a valid reason to kill them. I may have not seen or talked to them since i quit sb and @Undefeated_zarooma has my account lol but that is considered betrayal.


U can kill almost anyone in swordbattle.io if u want, just do it fairly eg. don’t use warrior ability to corner and kill, team or kill them when their low.


Completely justified

i agree
but one thing u should stop doing is killing me when i grind at night and when i serverhop to get away from u u hop on to the other server with me to kill me
its happend so many times now and its annoying

lol silver chooses her teams, im one, im lucky idk why tho lol

ngl sounds like on u

??? wdym