Join Britannia!

Join Britannia for protection against evil!

Britannia has one of if not the strongest navies in the world and if a country tries to be aggressive we will try talk it out

We also have an alliance that we are forming called the commonwealth which will give free protection for a small resource fee Canada has already joined us and they have had a great time so far

Along with this I will be trying to get Octopi on board so that you will also have greater relations with them via Britannia

These are the stats of the commonwealth so far!

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Britannia nearly coaxed me into joining them and then tried stealing my land
Be careful, folks.

yes join us

The Empire of Canada and Britannia and its Penguin Islands

we have a powerful three way alliance

I think penguin is just tryna be bad cop i am just thinking that since we are both Octopi we could have good relations :uk: :heart: :guitar:

(Why no bass emoji? :sob:)

please don’t steal my land though :pleading_face:

we won’t, chill out dude

We aren’t going to the whole point of the commonwealth is for prosperity among all its members

as long as you pay your taxes ;)

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Oh lawd, what taxes?

It’s very small as well! Like 5 max


5 what?


@Slapadabass resource fee

this is why i disagreed I ain’t paying no taxes lol

Uh, I kind of live in a pond…

Yea but it would let us buy stuff to protect the alliance it isn’t just for Britannia or Canada it’s like a commonwealth bank

Uhhh when?

Here what if we make a port off your ocean territory? We won’t take any land (just look at Okinawa they’re (kinda) doing great!!)