Join Tamago

(btw recruiting is spelled wrong)
Everybody, people of!
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!
As many of you probably know, Hue and Shinobislayer have started a bit of roleplay here on the forum. Forum members are invited to create their own countries and rule them, in peace or war.
I ask you now, join the force of my country, Tamago, and live in the glory of egg-ness!
Tamago has a really good air force, and even better defenses, so nothing can crack our shell. We are tough, strong, and have cool militarily bred chickens. With your help, yes yours, we can become the strongest nation in all of!
On a more political note, this post is definitely not propaganda. (notice the air quotes) I also definitely didn’t steal this idea from Wasd. (again, air quotes)
For clarification, Tamago is japanese for egg. I did a project on it in fifth grade.


I’ll ally with you.

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I will pm you smth

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