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I just want to tell you something I am starting a gaming club in school and I will teach this game I just can’t teach them on those servers why not add custom servers not anyone can do it first we have to contact you and give us a code for making a custom lobby. that would be nice. Another thing is there should be two game modes and the new one you can switch like gunbattle io your first loot is for a grey weapon and the more damage you will do the higher your rarity. They should be balanced and get coins for extra damage or how you could conflict damage and how you could take damage so you won’t be hurt. I know a lot of this won’t be added just wanted to take it out of my mind since I was thinking of it for a couple of weeks so I hope they get implied in the game.

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  1. For custom servers you can use Replit to host your own server, since all the code is open source and publicly available (I might make a template for that maybe idk). I don’t intend on making an “official” private servers feature, Atleast not now.

  2. Not sure about different modes thats a huge update all by itself, and with guns?! This probably wont be added anytime soon.

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Replit is blocked

Then find someplace else to host the game, any server should be fine. Again I do not officially provide support or maintain custom servers so I can’t really help you much. If you are able to get hold of a server pls let me know and I could help.

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