Just to clarify i dont own the top 1 account

Its overwhelming to think that people actually think i own @ANGEL 's sccount i have nothing to do with it and i dont own it so please dont go out there saying im angel.

yeah u dont own it u just use it also if ur not top 1 then u should prolly take this off to reduce confusion, yknow what im saying:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 7.44.49 PM

I will

kk, nice!

Your welcome now.

nice :]

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you are too bad to even be #1

Last time I checked your horrible at the game and you cried after oyoyo killed you 5 times cry baby :skull:

Fun fact, I am not a baby genius
And you kind of suck at the game too. The only reason you have so much XP is because you have been playing for a year. I have playing for 2 months. Shut up child

I haven’t I quit for half a year and also I dont suck I try to just 360 combo so please refrain from speaking

and get on topic please this is very off topic

I didn’t ask
(i will stay on topic after this)

thats oyoyoys fault honestly


might as well do a sb roast battle lol