King skin: sword and skin

I have a knight which needs a king!

They’re not the best but i tried my best with them

09d1a1cad97f046887551a955176f59c345fa247_2_352x500-removebg-preview (1)


the skin is kinda a remix of the king skin hackermanbd made, also i have removed bg and changed the sizes for you

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I’ll try resize but Idk how to get rid of background

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i did em for you already

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Oh read it incorrectly thank you Harshit


nah i posted my post and just decided to change them myself so then i edited it


btw is there prince skin??? since there is queen and king lol

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Nope I don’t know how I would make prince different to king plus I didn’t do queen.

ye im just saying

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ill make the prince but what about a princess?

i can make both

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idk u make?

@gautam what do you think?

wait wasd can i make this king skin better?

so it matches queen?

Eh I like it like this since it matches my art style

but i can make is match perfectly with hair

fancy smancy king
download (7)

Screenshot 2022-11-05 7.59.33 AM
and whats a king without this?
i love

Im usung @hackermanbd skins

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