...lag = antikb?

so i went onto swordbattle.io to play a bit when i saw this player, noEIdon’, that was lagging a ton. Like, they were so laggy that sometimes they would stop for a minute and fly over to the edge of the map at lightning speed…

when i fought the person, it seemed like they almost had…velocity or something. like, they moved fine, if very jerky, when i didn’t hit them, but when i hit them they took no knockback. literally none. it was so weird…and when they were comboing me they were lag abusing by strafing weirdly at 2x speed…

basically what i’m saying is lag really messes up gameplay experience…but thats why v2 is coming out soon, so now we just have to wait for v2…tbh i’m super hyped about it!


Yeah, it’s probably lag abusing, good thing v2 will be coming out in like 2 weeks.


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