Laserblade Skin

Let me know what you think! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and helps me become better at making skins! <3

Laserblade Skin
Price: 4.5m
“Intruder detected”
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Nice, this looks cool

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MUCH better

That’s great!


thanks! :smiley:

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Pretty good should be added the price is worth it nice job but are the sizes right…

Cool skin

Amazing and super cool but I could never afford it :(

it looks like darth vader

Not proper size and skin is WAY TOO MUCH!



we must have this skin in the game its awesome

that name gotta change…

why mitblade, why does the name have to change?

Ive copyrighted all blade name

no skin can be toooo much but still the sizes are definitely wrong


Frumpy changes it to lasersword

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it isnt that much and we have wayyyyyy too many cheap skins so i think its price is ok

Just checked and the sizes are correct, skin is 300x300 and sword is 280x260, just like it’s supposed to be, however the skin itself is a little small, i resized it appropriately and it is now correct as well.

Also, I can’t figure out how to edit this post (dunno if you can even do that), but the name can change to “Laserfoil” if you’re being serious @Mitblade

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works, but just saying lazerstroke sounds a bit sus but up to u