Leaderboard in a day

Microwave clan.
It was said that we were overrated. That the only thing that was remotely interesting was the fact that Gautam was in it.
But…today…after over 25 hours of grinding, we finally did it! #98 on leaderboard!!
And gucci clan can go eat my shorts!!!

(9.4mil in a day lmao)


… thank god i dont have to touch that account anymore

i mean ours not yours

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yeah grinding kinda sucks ngl :laughing:

there was like 1 person grinding

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i actually did a 100k then just didnt care i didnt want to lose my rank on my main

oh i helped your clan grind lol

there was also a lot of drama going on in our clan for literally no reason other than two idiots who have massive egoes and a mean temper

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You are still overrated lol

Why you gotta be like that man :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Actually this info is innacurate


Its very accurate (;

what do you mean? how so?

bro the title says 2 days


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oh yeah u right, i fixed it

not gonna name names but let’s just say it was bad. really bad.

I gave up awhile ago i didnt want to risk my rank i played once then grinded on my main which one of your clan members and i grinded