Let's Argue #1: Warrior vs. Knight

Samurai is better. Dont argue with me. I have a check next to my name to show i am right


oh in that case knight solos

Easy as heck



Well that would be no contest then


With enough focus, you can easily counter a knight with well-timed swings. With warrior, you are basically guaranteed to kill a knight if you are able to push back an opponent into a corner.


Not really


Yes but if you use Knight with strategy you are overpowered

Warrior is better for noobs who can only win if they are like 200% bigger than everyone else

cough cough manage


until they use their ability, if warrior uses theirs knight can squeeze out and back warrior right back into that corner


You’d be surprised how many people I’ve killed in warrior without using my ability

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I’ve said i suck but it works every time!

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Also guys please keep insults to a low level, and while it’s fun to argue don’t be mad at someone for preferring something else than you, in the end it’s just a game

slap please dont close this it’s so fun

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If this gets too off topic I’m still gonna close it

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Knights wouldn’t be able to squeeze out of a well executed warrior ability tho.

time to talk about my favorite baking methods!


Also, the vamp revamp would solo both options, just saying

I was in a 1v1 with a knight
I was a warrior
I won even though he had more coins than me

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“well executed”

By that you mean the knight would have to be stupid enough to go EXACTLY in the corner and not move the extra 10 seconds it’s gonna take for the warrior to get to you

same but I was the knight and had LESS coins, you probably fought a noob

He was #25 on the leaderboard
Idk though :/

hmmm, idk then, mayb ur just really good

Nah that can’t be it…

yes it can