Vampire Rework (because a buff isn’t enough)

The Vampire has long suffered from being the worst evolution in the game. Ever since replacing the samurai, a useful and fun evolution, the Vampire has received criticism from being easily countered by the likes of Warrior, which also happens to be one of the best evolutions in the game. Its leech passive gives it the ability to regenerate extra health upon hitting someone, which is supposed to compensate for its below-average health and regen.

It doesn’t.

In a public lobby, the only Vampire users you can see are players new to the game, and they don’t know of the superiority of Warrior and Knight evolutions. If we want to have at least a semblance of a balanced game, the Warrior needs some nerfs- and the Vampire needs to be buffed.

However, a buff isn’t enough. The problem isn’t the pitiful stats (although that is a big part of it), but the design of the Vampire itself. Presenting to you… the Vampire Rework (Liable to change, suggest changes in the reply section. I also recognize that this might be hard to code.)!

First, we need to get a new ability. The Vampire’s current ability is literally a weaker version of the Knight’s. So, what if we change it up?

Special- Feral Bite:

Cooldown: TBD

HIt cooldown: 2

Speed: 1.8

Damage: 1.6

KB Resistance: 3

Health: 1.3

KB Power: 1.9

Lifesteal: 75%

Duration: 20 sec

When the Vampire’s special activates, it gains a brief power. Upon hitting a player, the player starts to bleed. When a player is bleeding, they start to take damage over time until the Vampire’s ability ends. This can be stacked up to three times (by hitting the player three times). The amount of damage they will take hasn’t been determined yet, tell me what it should be.

Also, while in the ability, the Vampire cannot throw. However, this and the horrible hit cooldown isn’t stopping this ability from being amazing, as the lifesteal affects bleeding players.

Also, I think the stats of the vampire should essentially stay the same, save for a few key things. First off, I think that the Vampire’s hit and throw cooldown should be buffed to 0.75, to improve the Vampire’s annoying PvP fights, as the Vampire is very easily beaten by the Warrior’s superior range and damage. This would be a way to outspeed the other evolutions, and further help with feinting.

Secondly, I think that the Vampire’s damage should be buffed to 1.4 to outdamage the other evolutions, as all of them (except for Rook, who still can beat Vampire because of its huge health pool) can dish out more damage than Vampire can.

Thirdly, I think that the Vampire’s speed should be buffed to 1.5, to further help with feinting and disengaging fights. Also, it would be very useful for escaping corners, which makes Warrior less of a hard counter to Vampire.

Next, to make Vampire not too OP, I think that Vampire should receive a nerf to regeneration to 0.75. This encourages Vampire players to be more aggressive.

Finally, Vampire’s last change is for its passive. I think that the passive should be changed to 30% Lifesteal.

If you want to request any changes, feel free to reply!


Very Interesting


This is the update we needed.


how about making vampires get a small buff when they are in bushes? (vampires are weaker in the sun)


sure ig? the only problem is that idk if anyone would notice it, and even if they did, idk if they would use it.


it would be useful for defense, so like if you are at red health you could camp in a bush


Okay, I’ll add it! Thanks for the feedback! Although, if you’re at red, I’m fairly sure you could outrun most other evolutions, and use your throw to go faster and knock your enemy back while regenerating health from your throws.


somebody like this post rq, it needs one more to get to ten.

Anyway, rook rework when?!?!!?

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rook is already really strong


Can someone explain what abilites the evols have

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finally i found a use for the wiki

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it’s SOOO slow and has ZERO redeeming qualities. it should get something at least, other than taking 36 years to hit

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takes basically zero knockback, deals a buttload of damage, hits like a truck…

yeah its pretty darn strong.


not really tho, I tried playing rook and any evolution past tank and Berserk could demolish me in half a hit and took 30 hits to die.

Rook is insanely weak

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How tf do you die to a berserker???
That’s just a skill issue. You have so much more range, just stay calm, don’t spam hits. Only hit when you know it will hit the enemy.


i didn’t die to a berserker.

I said everything PAST

You have a VERY slight range increase over warrior, about the sam def/dmg, and you’re a bigger target.
All the ability does is make you weak.

Looking away from a knight OR a vampire with their ability ready?
Say bye to your health!

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sigh. Knight and vamp abilities are terrible.

Both of these are defeated easily by a decent rook. You have a massive hit gap.
It’s all about your timing. Just stay calm and time it right.

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it’s not just me, actually, I’m quite bad at the game, but I demolish rooks with BERSERKER because if they grow big, you just use your ability and spam

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Yeah, well, even though rook is a really good evol, most people who use it aren’t great.

You’re making an argument that is clearly based on your own skills vs the enemy’s skills, when in reality when looking at stats, if two evenly matched player fight, the rook will win every time.