Life Update 2

My dad just pulled me out of school and told me the nurse came to my house and told my dad that my mom will most likely die in about a couple hours. I have to go over my grandma’s so I don’t have to watch it so I’m probably not going to get too much grinding in today. I guess I’ll try to join but I guess we’re going to see.

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praying for you man :pray:

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Wish you the best :saluting_face:

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His mom is dying ._.


Yo im sorry to hear that

actually read

Its his mom not him


Don’t go on swordbattle. Stay with your mom and be with her for as long as you can. :saluting_face: I wish you well.


oh crap sorry bro it is the worst feeling if you need to talk to me i am here and if there anything I can do let me know

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I am sorry for you sir and If there is anything you need just send me a DM bro.

I’m so sorry are you ok?

OMG i am so sorry. LMK if i can do something for you

I feel so bad for u

This is why I HATE potatolord she is sooo deranged
@potatolord Is that what you would say to a child losing (or lost) their mum???

I thought you were better than that sigh

Also for Alex I’m sorry for your loss…

Patatolord has no life also likes to be very rude on rhe forums sometimes like i honesty think she has problems like bruh

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