List of all the IO Game Portals to promote your IO Game

Hey guys, as an IO Game dev I find the #1 source of traffic being game portals, and it’s pretty hard to find portals that ACTUALLY respond to put your game so I’m making this list to help people promote their games, as per my opinion. & experience with them

If I missed any, feel free to reply. I’ll update this post from time to time with any new portals.


Recommended & responds (easiest to start with first): (owned by addictinggames, if ur having issues here/being ghosted DM me, I know a guy who works there) (they have really strict submission rules though) (really popular in schools)

Harder to get a response

REALLY hard to get a response (biggest name in webgame industry atm) (huge playerbase, used to be easier but almost impossible to get added these days) (non-existent owners?)

Misc / dead sites (fake vote counts, game list from (dead site)

Here is another list of more HTML5 game portals


This post is a work in progress, and I will slowly add more when I remember about them

Thanks for this list! I’m a bit new to the web portal space, having mostly worked on downloadable games, but I started with itch and newgrounds for my io game and although they didn’t bring a ton of traffic they still kicked things off and I was able to release there without waiting for emails or approvals from anyone.

I currently get about 50 players a day via itch, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s from itch itself or if it’s just players being redirected there from my game’s original website.


Can I see the game you made?!

Yeah sure!

If that’s blocked for you, try one of these:


Thanks I will check it out later!

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gah damn this looks rlly good


Glad to help! (tried your game btw, it’s super cool)


Cheers! And thanks for setting up a space for io devs to talk about our work. There don’t seem to be many of those.


Hey! Apologies for the shameless plug but wanted to add to the list. We check each and every request coming our way and are always happy to add new quality games to the site. IO games have been very popular with our audience.

You can request a game to be added at the bottom of the page via the “Request a game” function, by emailing contact at hahagames dot com or just by DMing me here.