lol ai generated story i made

One day in, the top 50 players were duking it out in a battle Royal! The 50 players were, in order, Acol, ANGEL, Manage Passwords, Loler, W’, Devvv3x, Bread+Butter, PvP Devvv,
Abraham=frager201,{violent} harsh, {shadowrider} VAMP,
BR STEK7, Zackerflower, {xen} sageee, Hacked Acol, Shadowblade,
[DaPack]Silverwolf, bevonna, Killerclown, cherrykirby,Grand Reaper,Totally_Toxic,
Tosti by the Fire,{XEN} Killer,
cosmidragon,{TO} Hiiiii :},
Demonic ranger, TheBirdNerd,
{TO} vul,
D3stroyer, and Lewcantoucan107. The top 10 players, by a wide margin, were all in the game at once. Acorn, who was playing as a human, had to fight a duel with Angel. Angel was fighting with his own human. Both of them had the ability to teleport. So Acorns opponent could teleport to Angel’s location, then Angel could use his teleporting ability to attack. In this case, he could attack Angel, or he would attack Acors opponent. Then Angel would teleport back to his location . As the battle progressed, Angel started to win. He was teleported to Acorns position, attacked, defeated, teleport back, fought, lost, won, etc. etc, all while being attacked. All of this was happening . Acols opponent was also teleporated to him. As a result, his opponent had the advantage. A few minutes into this, I had a teleporter. My opponent telepored to me and I to them. We both telepath ed to each other at this time. He then teleports back and forth. Acoln opponent telepheres to me and I attack him, win. A lot of things happened at that point.

Just telling you, this is a lighthhearted joke. And at least the AI was smart enough to do an Acol/Angel duel!


Btw, this was made using this site: Sassbook Ai story writer

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