Looking for developers!

Hello! I am looking for developers to add some features to swordbattle v2.

Please read the task here and apply if you’re interested!


can you add the link to swordbattle v2.0 in here?

I can help I am kinda of good with some stuff and ideas and could help anything you ask just take it to dms if you want

I’d love to help but i know barely anything bout ts ik a little jss

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illl see if i can help i know a little bit of phaser still learning but js is my main language


also will i need to use the code for v2 so far or have a sepret repl to show i can do stuff like that?

I can test run it for you, tell you if there’s any glitches?

Employees definitely not slaves?

Im under age and WHY DO YOU PAY 10K

uhhh shoot, could have been my opportunity to shine, u know what type of js ik, if i can help just lmk

It’s node js using phaser game library but there also typescript

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