Looking for devs (paid)

Looking for devs who played realmz.io before

You will be paid to develop realmz.io / utilities relating to realmz.io. you wont be paid a lot tho cuz im not that rich

DM me for more info

bro wants to beat swordbattle.io

Bruh i just want my game to not die i have a full schedule at school AND have 2 jobs


This community is so unsupportive

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Good luck cuz I dunno coding

im not even in the community but i support you!! <3 (unlike the toxic realmz io fanbase)

Then why the :laughing: emoji?

funny how you’re gonna pay these people!! Just threaten their families’ life!! Here I can help you!!

Ohhh true im gonna go threaten ppl now

i woulda just worked for free on my personal computer. but after seeing this

oh ima make bro regret that if bro does it to me

iwould love tohelp but i don’t wanna be paid


what languages and also how much
(I need a side hustle)

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I’m interested hehehe

Dm me for more info

Post closed: not looking for anyone anymore. (Also didnt find anyone)