LOP'S LIFE [3] special edition

LOP-joined, Angel: oh it seems some players are joining spiffycayden-joined Angel: who’s this LOP: hi Spiffycayden: hi Angel: who are you spiffycayden: im a superhero LOP: ok :> spiffycayden: oh no look who joined HellKingFlare-joined spiffycayden:where dead its a villian! Angel: i got this stabs Hellkingflare: hehehe im to powerfull yeets-angel Died, LOP: holy mother of jesus do something oh god no pls no-LOP Died, Spiffycayden: die!,-uses orb of power that angel dopped, i feel power-becomes superhero,-Hellkingflare died,yes angel-joined LOP-joined, LOP: WOW :star_struck: Angel: good job spiffycayden: i feel power i feel i feel POWERFUL!!! LOP: not good spiffycayden:bow down to me! Angel: never i am king of this place,-Owner joins -Acol joins ALL FOUR: WE will never bow down Owner: let me just add this and delete him from existance it will take me 10mins distract him!,Acol: very well show us what you’re made of spiffy Spiffycayden: don’t call me that DIE! Angel: attack LOP: finnally action Owner: done LOP: 10mins in swordbattle is fast Owner bye now spiffy -Spiffycayden has been banned! Owner: good job let’s have some hot coco-everyone YAY!-THE END_LOP’S LIFE Three will come soon… it’s also a deluxe so u have to vote i need this many votes and like for the next book deluxe!,i need 5 votes and likes(how to vote? just comment i vote how to LIKE just hit the face button on my message and hit thumbs up.



hi guys i hope u enjoyed this special edition

thank you

U had to make flare die


ima tell everyone brb

i love it


u can vote for the next deluxe one

Did I just get yeeted that easily!?:anguished:

gess so

I feel the power

lol yes bc you are not a superhero

i can make u one next book but spiffycayden told me to make him in the book

also u guys should have read the bottom to vote for deluxe book which is next one

I should be in one :sunglasses:


i voteed