LOP'S LIFE story part [1]

LOP:here is a story based off of my LIFE in swordbattle,i first spawned it was beautiful extrordinnary and i found something…something purple it looked like a chest and a had this grey thing in my hand i used it too smack this chest i caught it to yellow it took me a hour and then some kid named L O L E R hit me he said haha get better noob i saw him on the leaderboard he had a number on him it said #9 and i started crying then this person in #2 said are you ok there name was angel then we became friend…to be CONTINUED…



wow u are a fast reader and thank you i will make more soon

angel vs loler let’s see what happens in pt 2

guys help me keep this up bc i want everyone to see this and all of the stuff i make

lol yea

At least make angel win against loler

i might can’t tell but give me ideas for other parts if u guys have any

Ok adding random stuff so then it matches character limit

I would win bc last time we had a 1v1 with the classic rules I won


ill be sure to remember that angel lol

thanks for changing my username owner

im gonna make the next thing awesome

btw before i go play swordbattle ill try and make the next story tomorrow or the day after

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wait what where are they fighting?

ill explain

this is my olnly thing im telling

to giveaway my olnly hint this chapter or part they will be fighting in the corner and one will die being hit to the corner

ok im bored im making the chapter today i just need 3 votes and i will make it today

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from all of u guys