Lost account

i used ANGEL’s account and i could not get back because i forgot my password.

@TigerLizzycgkck Maybe make a new one?

thanks I don’t have discord

i think i can only make a new one

Could you elaborate @TigerLizzycgkck? I think @gautam can reset your password if you prove you own the account.

And why would you be using @ANGEL’s account (or did I misunderstand that)?

You can send private messages on the forum

yea people go on my acc just 4 fun and they change my skins so when I log back in idk what kind of skin am using lol

Does anyone want to play right now?

Ok np I can reset your password just 2 questions

  1. Why are you on angels account
  2. If angel gave you the password, can’t you just ask her?

ANGEL answered the first one, ANGEL’s account is open to friends / trusted people to have fun on it.

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  1. i went on angel account because we were playing to be one person.
  2. angel told be her password not mine.

how do i prove to own the account

Late reply but is this still an issue?

I am pretty sure everything is solved

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