Lost millions of XP?



How did u get that? It just says loading for me

click → Swordbattle.io

I think there are currently issues for viewing profile cards on mobile.

XP has been scaled down the same amount for all users. I had over 100,000,000 XP, and has now been scaled down to 3,000,000 XP

The links for user profiles have also changed:

@Wasd Here is your new profile card, as well as a screenshot in case the link doesn’t work for you on mobile.


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understandable actually bc of the hardness level to getting coins (or i guess gems?)

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pretty nice map ngl though (and finally, the bots are smarter)

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Can I see mine sense I can’t see it to XD

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I played yesterday I swear………

Hey wait a minute I didn’t play last year