Lurkers stuck on Gray screen after load

On my school chrome book, the game loads fine (with the guy walking), but once that’s over, it never takes me to the game, it just gets stuck on a Gray screen. I think it has something to do with the Poki api which is blocked, but I’ll see if I can figure out what the error is exactly @bergice


This is the reason i have not played lurkers yet.

Thats a known error to bergice and also bergice’s thought 'bout poki being the problem.

Maybe the console log could help here too.


same thing for me, looking forward to when i can play

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It’s most likely the game loading being intercepted once the browser makes a request to the Poki domain.

I can only think of 3 ways for us to get around this without others using their own laptops and being on their own network:

  • Do not use Poki SDK unless people are playing on This may breach our partnership contract with Poki.
  • Set up proxies for Poki so clients never directly interface with their domain. This will be a decent amount of effort, and may not even work. From a business point of view this may not even benefit us very much. I don’t have metrics on the % of users who are affected by this though.
  • Release the game for mobile and Steam. This is on the roadmap, but won’t happen yet, but it also assumes players have access to desktop applications or mobile devices.

TLDR; Blame the schools or Poki, not me.