M4TRX skin

The M4TRX skin!!!

  1. Problem the skin needs to be 300x300
    2.problem you need a sword for player

Welcome to the community!

The problem is that I think the skin would look better without the text
It will be really hard to read especially if you were small
The skin size is also incorrect (it’s supposed to be 300x300)
You can resize the skin thru many websites like https://imageresizer.com/

Also, you didn’t post a sword, which is required for a skin.


darn, ok

but still no problem you can edit your skin at anytime and resubmit it!

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Take out the text…

Quintuple bump

Bro u jus copy and pasted ur pfp

can i remake this?
(basically resizing and copy and pasting)

Yeah you can remake og skins, but use this one instead (this was the one that got added to the game and its honestly horrible)

oh it was added?
then never mind

Its a different one + you can remake og skins so it doesn’t really matter as long as the remake has enough quality to be added

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not much effort put in and who are you