Main menu in SB

I think @gautam should add a main menu where we can leave the game bc it sucks we gotta ask someone to kill us or reset our tab and its annoying also when you buy a skin and the sword comes with it i think u should change it where u can use a sword on a different skin or use a different skin on a sword.


uhm maybe just for computer players mobile could get hard cause if you hit the button my accident DEATH

you can reload and still get the coins though

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ik but it still to much work

just hit the button on your computer that looks like this
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silly boy. Tisk, tisk…

ig loll

We already hit the reload button on mobile I once had 800k and hit it /: I hated myself for the rest of the day


F5 button.

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nah alt+f4 is the best button it gives u special abilities


if u use it in game it works

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What about mobile?

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mobile there is a button that shows an arrow like this

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Yep close to the swordthrow button and the mini map /: be careful throwing your sword

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