Make me a new PFP

I want a new PFP for the forum. Make one and submit it here. Best PFP gets 500 cycles in Replit (equal to $5). Comment your Replit username right after your submission to recieve the cycles (if you win)

Excited to see the submissions :D


what anime/shows do you like

I dont watch anime/shows I watch yt , my favorite youtubers are Mrwhosetheboss, SomeOrdinaryGamers and maybe coldfusion


ok… fav games with carton charecter not real life charecter

What are some thing you are looking for in a pfp.
Or what are some things you like?

any thing specific you want?

your choice i really dont know what i want :laughing:

ill dm you the one i made

I guess I could make a swordbattle or coding themed pfp…

this is going to be hard ;(

idk this just makes me think you

bruh anything?

could you at least tell us some of your favorite random things so we have a reference point?

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Hm… sounds good!

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Im just excited to see the responses people show for this, also cool.

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A pfp for u?

here rplit name idk

why not use your pfp for your youtube channel ?

My favorite color is light blue, I like coding and simple things instead of fancy.


heck, i made the pfp im making red…