March 2024 tier list

everyone told me to design my own tier list so here it is

Disclaimer: if I forgot to rank you let me know in the comments


-the zax

  • me
  • imposter
  • minion


  • devil
  • balls1
  • saw


  • interpredsword
  • agents
  • fake imp
  • everyone else

who even r u

why tf am I b tier with balls1 and devil

I will spawnkill you next time i see you in game until you ragequit and don’t come back or change my ranking

ur not a tier

ur just one of those kids who think they’re good


Um maybe because your not A tier?

I will destroy you any time any where

Nice tierlist, mr puma

Also I have destroyed balls1 countless times

He is d tier

hes better than you so cope

Who even r u you have never even seen me play

Tbh I’m fine with being b

Everyone else in b is worse than me

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bro was still mad

am nub im part of the e tier bro

kick this man out the forums and never let him cook with a tierlist ever again

um saws better than minion

nice list homeslice

tf devils D

ye no.

thanks for not putting me f

i could destroy him with his own main :skull:

No u couldn’t

(Considering that I haven’t played in a while and am as rusty as hel u probably would tbh)

buddy i killed u with shotgun (i suck with it) and u were on ur main bud :skull:
happened in mech and was in test map