Memes contest 15charrule

Just put memes this is mine winner with the most likes


This is mine watch

Guys this is my own meme/joke

Jeffery and John work together. They became good friends. One day Jeffery invited John for dinner. The next day jeffery came to work and John was not found ever again.

But did you watch mine

yeah i couldnt stop laughing

lol 4charule

But they found John in some soup that was in jeffery’s house.

Please stay on topic

lol 4charrule

Its them meme

Haha u rolled me did you watch mine

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i know im Jeffrey {;

Memes are not about swordbattle, and are not about the forum

not yet im at school next to a ton of people

Come on then coder wouldn’t let it go through just come on hamm dont be a pary pooper did you watch it

I’ve watched him before.
Off topic is not allowed, i can not give you warnings, but if a mod came through, they could

ok but they will get it

Being “funny” doesn’t let you bypass the rules