Minor Update - Braains.io

Minor Update

  • added God Drumstick to the game - a really big drumstick with a 1 in 150 chance of appearing when buying a Drumstick
  • added a new mission worth 10 coins: First to obtain a God Drumstick
  • reduced the amount of falling leaf particles
  • 1 in 3 Dark Shields that spawn are instead Wings
  • Reduced Shotgun’s ammo from 30 to 25 for balancing
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What game

Braains.io, added it to the title now.

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Oh I’ve used to play this before! Making a poll to see if others have:

  • I know this!
  • Shadowblade, you’ve gone crazy. I’ve never seen this .io game before.
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Bro I remember this game from multiple years ago, if it was added to the forum that would be insane

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Brains.io never works for me