Mod Tiers?

I want to see which mod is better my opinion #1.Slapadabass
2.#Zarooma 3rd#Fish 4th#ManagePasswords 5th#ANGEL 6th#Dev3x 7th#harsh 8th#Mitblade

if you want to change the tiers comment below btw My tier is based off favorite to least favorite


Pretty accurate I would put manage higher angel up there to slap and me around same if dev was active he would be with angel but fish and cosmic are my top on modding as long as they don’t get carried away

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Ok too much ;-; put who you want in what place by commenting Ofc.

Here is mine.
1st Slapdabass 2nd Manage Passwords 3td Zarooma 4th ANGEL 5th fish 6th harsh 7th Mitblade 8th Dev3x

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manage boolies me (:sob:), harsh is too harsh, mitblade is too bald, dev3x is too inactive, angel isn’t bad, slap always slaps his bass on me, and fish is just…fish.

… I give you a point on manage but the rest… eh…

I slap everyone with my bass, it’s nothing personal

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all mods are equal.

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You forgot me /: :frog: :gun:

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zarooma is secretly a roomba

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A what?

This u?


Thouse robot cleaning things? No I’m not one of thouse I’ve never seen one even XD

mods are mods for a reason
there shouldn’t be tiers until there are more mods and it becomes out of hand with only one mod tier

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I mean, 10 is quite a few.

I guess so

Though, I think one already exists.