Moderator gave me insane loot (lol)

So I was minding my own business, farming wheat, when suddenly a guy with “MOD” next to his name appeared. I was just touching up my cave base when suddenly I began to hear strange noises closer to the surface. When I approached him, I suddenly realized that he had acquired full mythril armor in less than 2 minutes.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 4.24.12 PM
Yeah. Definitely.

Later on, I continued to hear those strange noises. Then he said he had to go in a few minutes but left something in the chest.

This is all quite reasonable to mine in a few minutes.

Then he gave me what he called a "special turret" and, well...chaos ensued.

(the turret spawned infinite turrets.)

Eventually I had to get off because I was bored, but it sure was funny. Hopefully mods don’t abuse this in PvP modes.


This vaguely reminds me of a Minecraft server where the owner himself literally went around just throwing diamonds at everyone online one day, lol.

I remember when i was on a certain minecraft link, it was a rip off called minceraft, because it was a replit, and the guy had guns installed onto that world, so he gave me a couple guns and all that, and i had fun doing so, it was nice fr

I need mobile support now lol

I improved mobile support in the latest update.
It’s not great yet, but much better than before.

One time a moderator who I was nice to gave me obsidian boots. Price: 750, Damage Reduction : 50% I gotta say, mixed in with mithril chest-plate, and helmet, i could withstand 3 rockets. Op to the max.