MollTheCoder Skin

Name: Moll
Description: It’s pronounced “mall”
Price: I really don’t care what it’s price is.

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It looks nice but… could you make it more generic?

I mean like I don’t think the average player would want to buy that.

If you are like top 5 or smth then people would want to buy it.

I think you get what i mean

How about it’s a really low coin cost?

Let’s see if the community wants it

should i add this skin for like 50-100 coins

  • Yes
  • No
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I think you shud only give skins to people who earn it no offense to everybody who wants one

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vote yes its basically a free skin

moll shud earn it

@mollthecoder if you really want a skin dedicated to you earn it but if you just want to make skins that’s fine

ye, how much have u coded tho. i mean that CAN qualify you. I mean coder g isn’t really that gud. mokkaya valayaduvan

Look yourself:

dei manage unakku tamil theriyuma??

What the frick? Why are you speaking tamil here?

yenakku tamil theriyum yerkanave sollitain

HEY. What abt me

no. ahora estoy hablando español porque es un buen idioma

lmao you did more than @mollthecoder

por fin alguien que sabe un idioma que yo se lol

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oh nan maranduten lol