Monkey skin by King_Kong

Hello codergautam,
i made my own skin, here are the details:
Price: 150,000 Coins
Description: FOR THE MONKES!

thank you so much, please comment if you want me to change anything. :)


cool skin, it looks pretty nice


maybe remove the bg and make the skin a monkey? instead of having a monkey in the skin, if that makes sense?


didnt understand a thing lmao

hi how r u

thank you!

something like this
Head Monkey Brown - Free vector graphic on Pixabay
(do not use this skin it is from google it was used just for King-Kong to get an idea of wht i mean) sry if the image is to big idk how to change it i just copied and pasted it


oh I get what u mean now.
I did that on purpose so it would be different pout of the other skins. I wanted it to stand out more if u know what I mean.


The skin u made looked nice is it a portrait of yourself? it looks so good i love it what drawing app you use? can u make a sword that looks like a banana? and can the description say “Hi i am from the amazon rain forest” or “have a break, have a banana” all in all, it looks so good how did you draw it? can you teach me? :pray:

it was not made by me, king_kong made it

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I am talking about the one you made

the one you made is drip maxed out, i love it