More chests and More evolutions

I have noticed that it is much harder to get coins in v2 than in v1. Even reaching to 10K takes so long in v2 but in v1 you only need to break 1 purple chest. So maybe adding more chests or chests with higher value around the map would be good. Also in v1 there were many evolutions like samurai, fisherman, jugernutt etc. but in v2 there is only 2: tank and bersker. Adding more evlotutions would definetly make the game more fun and interesting.

I believe values of chests have been scaled down to match the changes to the Leaderboard/player XP.

gautam set a deadline for himself to release V2. He probably didn’t have the time to add in the other evolutions, and didn’t want to push back the deadline even further to add them in. Maybe they might come in future updates?

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Yea, I noticed this whilst playing the update as well…

I found no chests during my entire playthrough.

yeah lol :)

Ohok thx :)

Wait so does that mean 1 coin = 1 gem? I’m confused I thought you were supposed to get a certain ratio applied to the coins once you died turning them into gems

The coin/gem rework is honestly not a big deal

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