More Realmz Suggestions

  1. Make a way to spawn wormy boss
  2. Reset leaderboards because it is no longer possible to get above 300 due to boss cooldowns
  3. Make the flame from the sorcerer face opposite to the direction of where the player is shooting at
  4. Add lava and water
  5. Add the mobs that have been teased for so long but still haven’t been added (snootfly, conuran wyrm, cornuhorn)
  6. Add the skins from the skin contest pls
  7. Add more gamemodes

what gamemodes

you can spawn wormy in halloween so just wait for it

#1 will happen soon and #4 will be added in v3

  1. :thinking:
  2. Maybe
  3. A
  4. V3
  5. There isnt a good place to fit them in rn
  6. Yes
  7. Eh

add num 1 im tired of killing weak bosses