Movement Mode

Just curious, what movement mode do you use/prefer?

  • Mouse
  • Keys
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If you don’t know what this is, basically in swordbattle there’s 2 ways to move. Mouse is when you move in the direction of your mouse, and keyboard is where you press keys to move.

You can change this in “settings” lower left.


Keys is much easier espacially when you’re chatting in with other players you keep drifting away if you play only mouse and its just hard with mouse. Mouse+keys is much easier


On computer I use mouse since I’m not used to Wasd but on mobile keys is best

Mouse is my power to kill random people

me tooo

about 8 people prefer keys out of 14?

so about .75 in 1

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Mouse is easier for pvp
Keys are easier for chatting
Which is more important in swordbattle?

mouse is way harder for pvp bc u cant back up while attacking the opposite way.

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That’s true, but I find it easier not to have to use more than one thing.
Also, you move faster with a mouse

i dont think that is true and lol this topic went up in july

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You don’t move faster on mouse for example pressing the right key is same as putting your mouse all the way to the right

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Oh, ok

but the brob with keys is its more clunky

Keys with my totally real computer