Movie Skin

EDIT: this has moved to Movie skin (updated) - #3 by 3RG3R

Another skin, made by me, but the idea of the for the topic of the skin was/is, the idea is from Lewcantoucan107 and I made the skin and sword here


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@Lewcantoucan-107 Thx for helping me with the idea!

awesome job

Thank you!

the sword looks amazing, and so does the skin, but try to add a bit more detail to the skin.

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okay I will try to add more, but thanks you for saying the sword looks good, I will start making the skin look better, what should I add to the skin?

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, idk, just more items like the glasses. maybe some pop corn and a slurpie?

the lower body looks bland maybe a shirt


thank you both for the ideas, I will try both and you two can decide which looks better. Thanks!

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Please add ur finished skins to post skins topic

okay should I edit it?

oh I did

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here Movie skin (updated) - #3 by 3RG3R

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