Multiplier coins?

What if there were special coins (like chests) that had a multiplier
for example
a 1.05x coin as rare as green chests.
a 1.1x coin as rare as blue chests.
a 1.25x coin as rare as gold chests.
a 1.5x coin as rare as purple chests.
a 2x coin three times as rare as purple chests.
They would look like

open to suggestions

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can separate images

Make the numbers a darker yellow so that they can look like engravings

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Coins are already worth different values…

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i mean like if you have 100k and pick up the 1.5x one you get 150k…
it would probably not be that high values of multipliers but its just an idea

That is too op


maybe the special coins increase the amount of coins you get for the next 5 seconds or something?



Yeah, by multiplying all coins you get by the number on them sounds much better than multiplying your current coins.

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this kinda just seems overly complicated, like why cant each chest have more coins instead lol



thats how it should look like

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