• I think there should be a option in settings for this music normally
  • NO i think the devs deserve all the power
  • I just like the old music better
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Make your choice


there is a option for the sound level already but if you mean different song then that is a nice idea but dev should have all the power for some reason that feels beater then just letting you have some power

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You support a absolute monarch if that is the case I shall take over this forum for 100% of the power

that is the point you would be a tyrant

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yet u give the mods the power of the gods WHY because your scared of a true leader

cause there more responsible and the power is spread out


I love monarchy after all isn’t the United Kingdom better than a bland united republic of northern island wales Scotland and England


Well simular to a king a god has all the power

I mean we have a constitutional monarchy so yea. Didn’t you like queen Elizabeth?

i like me in power

I feel like we would like ourselves in power and would you make a good leader who wouldn’t oppress the people?

O man the old music with 0 votes

i rule multiple games and the servers i know a clean way of doing this

ive taken over entire minecraft servers> cracked servers like herobrine and jartex<but like 2 years ago

Clean? What does that mean?

smooth and easy way to rule/takeover

Yea but that’s the takeover what about the ruling part would you keep peace and harmony or behead anyone that disobeyed you?

depends the level of treason

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