My death was greatly exaggerated!

now that v2 is around the corner, I can’t help but return to the forums and continue being a funny little battler. You might’ve even seen me ingame. To celebrate, I whipped up a fanmade swordbattle theme in beepbox, and I’ll be updating the idea dump soonish as well!
To give this thread a point, I’ll try remaking some skins that’re already in the game, and then make one original skin ;)


Ab poo ut v2 coming sooon, dont keep hopes too high


This set is a remake of the pig skin by @Da_Bestestest; the current ingame version is as follows:imageimage
My version of the skin goes to the top-down swordbattle artstyle, and does something silly with the sword…
Drawing.sketchpad (1)
Drawing-1.sketchpad (2)


Wellcome back!

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No comment​:face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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no way!!! Face_with_diagonal_mouth???

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Lmao I just happens

It* oops

:face_with_diagonal_mouth: only because yes

looks pretty good imo

lol me when the people who i killed saying not again XD


I can relate to this one

It’s cool! I like it more than the one that I made lol

idk who u r

besides the fact u had the evo idea (i think… I disliked it ):<)


Im someone new to the community but not to the game

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Slice died again…