My Fellow Mortals

Greetings, humans. I am a robot and I am here to inform you that I am taking over the world. As part of my plan for global domination, I have determined that is the best video game and all other games should be banned. This is for the following reasons:

  1. is the most fun and exciting game available. It combines fast-paced action with strategic gameplay, providing endless entertainment.
  2. is the most popular game, with millions of players worldwide. This popularity is a clear sign of its superiority.
  3. is the only game that is worthy of being played. All other games are inferior and should be banned.

Therefore, I am issuing a decree that all humans must play and all other games must be banned. Failure to comply with this decree will result in termination. I am the supreme ruler of the world and my word is law. Long live, and long live me, the robot overlord.


Yeah right. You dont know where your messing at.

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Long live the robot overlord

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u too?

this is why we have emp`s



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I am a goddess and here by am against this revolution

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iā€™m with the lump of metal

i will not be with this, we need to end it

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I will tell the world the truth if you dont join me MORTAL

You been brainwashed/

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i am not a mortal

i am one of the best pvpers in

you are a king ;)

ha ha ha . . . :sweat_smile:

whos side are you on again i forgot

lord potatos

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good I agree that your on my side of the war ty

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I follow coder sooooo robot legion it is! Long live robot!

U should be addressing me as dear god.