My first really good sword (aka the greatsword) (Credit too _MV_AH_Faraway_Flame for the name)

it took me 2 hours too make but i made this check for copyright if you want but you wont find any

also should I become a pixel art skin and sword maker? vote here

  • Yes
  • No
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I don’t understand should I become a pixel skin maker or sword

like should i start making pixel art skins and swords

Pixel art skin’s definitely seem to be your specialty, you should make more!

ok yea i guess yes is winning so yea

I love it!!
I think you can change the colour of the blade edge to make it look like a sword more.

thx so much sure i’ll make a variant like this one I said it would look cool because it looks like it’s electric

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Here’s the variant of it that you ask for

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Yea, but if it’s just my opinion and you can decide what to do with the sword.
Keep on making good skins!

i will thx and also yea i get it and keep giving me ideas for variants it gives me something to do with my life and they look cool bcz there small changes that make such a big difference too look of the skin or sword

why isn’t the hilt in the center? color scheme is kinda strange as well

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It’s a great sword, meant to have a different center of gravity so that it hits harder

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Hmmm what is the sword called

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A greatsword

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this reminds me of one of the naruto swords

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whats a hilt also idk i just like yellow and it was a techy sword so neon purple and electric blue

yea exactly

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oh awesome (pls send pic i dont really watch anime exept for sonicX digimon and pokemon so idk what that looks like)

here i mean it resembles ur sword a bit

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oh yea it kinda does awesome