My first Vectr Skin

Thank you to @frumpy for the Vectr tutorial.


Screenshot_2023-04-13_9.17.25_AM-removebg-preview (1)


Screenshot_2023-04-13_9.15.11_AM-removebg-preview (1)

Red Knight

Price: 300k

Dis: He’s Coming

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not bad at all, could use some touchups though

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Much better than ur other skins. With some more practoce,effort,and time, u can for sure get a skin in game

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And dont say red knighr. Think of something unique

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this is great! Try putting shadows over EVERYTHING! if you shade all the things, eg put highlights and shadows on eyes + mouth, it will end up great! nice job!


nice!, i use vectr, and i still suck at it, i cant shade properly, but this is wayy better than my first vectr skin which was the tree monster.


@_AH_F1NN96 You are on your way to becoming a great skin creator! :D
also cyclone there’s a shading tutorial in my vectr tutorial.


alright u know what ill read the shading section

I really like the idea and skin

The skin concept matters as well

Exactly you always have time to improve it

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