my FIRST video.

soo…earlier today i posted about how my first public video was coming soon.

and…since then i’ve been working a lot on it. so…i’m happy to announce…my first video.

it will be a simple styling montage…nothing too special, but its my first time ever editing so i hope its not too bad.

make sure to lmk what you think, and feel free to like and subsribe for more content!!

always wanted to say that loll

well, here it is.

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@gautam will this go on disc?

It would be neat if Youtube videos could show up on “Top Community Posts” along with forum topics.

yeah that would cool like it used to

like werent there yt vids on the side?

For V1

yeah for v1

bro stop combing bots bro

Make more

i wish i could lolll

everyone runs these days plus when i was on there were almost no players on

Fr man

i will definitely more like that or what?

more hitsyncs?

less edits?

what do you suggest?

yeah ik lolll

More of this but try to get some clips of u fighting real players

nice, ill try but as i said might be hard (will do it at some point tho)

i will announce changes, though, so it wont be unexpected.

Nice, what editing software did you use?

i used capcut, im pretty new to it but im sure i will get better soon!

i also will be introducing a couple of tips and explanations-esc type vids, for new players!

you guys its on discord!!

check it out now on the sb disc server!!

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