My Ideas For Clans

I know that Gautam already posted something about this, so Iโ€™m adding to his ideas.

He mentioned being able to select clan colors, so I devised this idea.

There would be a few Primary Colors to select from, these would be the main color for the clan. There would also be Secondary Colors which are the colors used in highlights and other things. These colors could be red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, white, and black. There could also be more colors in the store (mentioned below) that can be bought like turquoise, pink, grey, brown, lime, maroon, navy, or other colors.

There could also be a clan leaderboard (might already be planned but Iโ€™m still suggesting it). It would have 4 sections, XP, Play Time, Player Gems, and Clan Gems. The XP would be the total amount of XP earned by all the players in the clan, the Play Time would be the sum of all the playersโ€™ times, Player Gems would be the sum of all the playersโ€™ gems, and Clan Points would be the number of gems the clan itself has.

The Clan Points would be used to buy things in the store.

They could be earned through challenges and other events.

Moving on to the store for clans to buy stuff in.

I had some ideas for the store.

There could be colors that could be bought for your clan. (listed above)

There could also be clan skins. Those would be more expensive. Buying one would allow the clan to make its own skin that clan members get for free. If the members leave the clan, they lose the skin.

It would also be nice if clans could make more than one skin. So they can have multiple options to play with.

There could also be a donation system where, for example, Bob15 wants to buy the Anime skin but is too broke. He could put a request for it on the clan page so people can donate to him. (honestly, though, he should just play the game a bit)

Finally, events and challenges.

Gautam mentioned that there would be an event for clans to earn points.

Maybe instead of one option, there would be multiple randomized events.

A few suggestions:

Clan Wars - clans would be put into equal or mostly equal teams. There would be two sides. By the end of the event, the clans in the team that killed the most players from the other team would win and get points, with the clan with the most kills getting extra. The losing team would get nothing.

Time Rush - The clans would compete to see which clan has the longest play time. (the added sum of all players in the clan).

I also had an idea for clans to be able to hold competitions within their own clan.

I donโ€™t expect any of these to be added. (lol)
Iโ€™m just putting these ideas up.

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Cool Ideas some off these things would be cool to see implemented

Hopefully these should be added.

dang, fish has smthn against clans

no itโ€™s just a thread that serves not much purpose. almost all of your ideas have been brought up

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